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Africa is one of the most exotic places in the world with its various tropical lands, deserts and even islands. The beautiful African women of this land have been an admiration for so many Western men. And why shouldn’t they? These are rare women. So, it’s no surprise everybody wants to be a part of their beautiful lives. These mail order brides are trustworthy and dedicated during the day. But by night, they turn into sexy, party-loving seductresses every man has dreamed of at some point in life. Want to know more about them? Keep reading the African mail-order bride review.

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What’s so special about African brides?

So what makes an African mail order wife so much more special than other women? For starters, these are smart women and not anything like gullible women who are waiting to be saved by a prince. African women carry with them the power to take the responsibilities of a family on their delicate shoulders. Despite everything, these women will come off with a positive outlook. Compromises and sacrifices are a part of their lives. So, their upbringing has taught them to take tough decisions in life. In short, African women are warrior princesses who’ll make their husbands feel royal at all times. And, this is why most men desire them and want to be with them.

African brides: Ethnicities and culture variations

While collectively, African culture can seem quite similar. But, in reality, each ethnicity has its own unique trait. In the world of mail order brides, there are 3 African ethnicities which are most popular.

  • Ethiopian brides. Ethiopian brides are an amalgamation of hard work and feminine skills. This means an Ethiopian bride can set a beautiful balance between her professional and personal life. She is feminine which means she is soft and kind-hearted. But, at the same time, an Ethiopian bride is bold and strict. She oozes confidences and her ambitions speak tales. Once her mind is set at something, she’ll stop at nothing to achieve it. As a wife, she won’t let her husband give up no matter what. She’ll always push him further towards his goal until and unless he finally achieves it. This is how strong-willed Ethiopian women are. Powerful examples of Ethiopian women are Liya Kebde from the movie “The Good Shepherd”. Ethiopian women are proud of their culture.
  • Nigerian brides. Nigerian society focuses on teaching women to deal with matters with maturity and kindness. Hence, one can find even the young girls having a sense of maturity as well as politeness to move people. Nigerian brides smile through every hardship as they consider it to be their moral duty to keep their loved ones happy no matter what. With family, these brides celebrate important Nigerian festivals like the New Yam Festival (celebrated annually during the early rainy season throughout Nigeria) and the Bole Festival (the grandest food festival celebrated annually during early August throughout east and South Nigeria) where they serve the infamous and exotic Nigerian delicacies like jollof rice and akara (fried bean cake). Want to know a famous example of gorgeous Nigerian women? Uzo Aduba who plays Suzanne Warren in the popular series `Orange Is The New Black` with her Nigerian roots has won many hearts from around the world.
  • Egyptian brides. Egyptian brides are women of high values. When one meets sexy Egyptian women, they can instantly sense the powerful aura they ooze. Egyptian girls strict and yet, extremely loving. They don’t bargain with their and their family’s well-being. Home is the number one priority and work endlessly to keep it from falling. They are also keen when it comes to celebrating. Festivals like Abu Simbel Sun Festival which is celebrated twice a year (22nd February and 22nd October) and the Coptic Orthodox Easter in April have a huge place in their hearts, while local delicacies like tamiya (mashed beans with herbs) and koshari (a staple made of rice, lentils, macaroni, and vegetables tossed in oil and spices) have earned a special preference for their taste buds. Of course, when it comes to examples, we all have heard tales and tales of Cleopatra. But, what does the modern Egyptian woman look like? Yasmine Al Massiri who played the role of twins Nimah and Raina in Quantico, an American thriller drama, is the perfect example of what a modern Egyptian beauty is like.

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Tips for dating African women

When dating an African woman, there are certain aspects one needs to keep in mind. To find an African wife is like finding a gem. African women want to be taken by their partners as people they can live with forever. So, expecting short-term flings would be disrespectful to their emotions.

  • Learn more about their culture. For any man from the West, the best would be to know more about African culture. African ladies want men who’d have genuine interest in their culture. African women are proud of their country and culture. For instance, one can learn about their festivals, staple diet, how they dress and what religion they follow.
  • Learn to be a gentleman. Above all, a man needs to be a gentleman. He needs to give his beautiful African woman space to be herself. He needs to let the chemistry grow through friendship and evolve into love. A man must give her the love and respect she deserves because she’ll be giving all of herself to him.


Finding the perfect African mail-order bride isn’t difficult. It’s what comes after that needs to be done. It’s wonderful how mail-order brides websites have made things so simple for us. So check them out and begin your love-story at the earliest!

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