Japanese Brides Are All The Rage Amongst Western Men

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Have you been struggling to find a woman you could truly love and call your own? American women don’t suit you? Do you want a lady who is more traditional, and cherishes her husband more than anything else? Japanese women for marriage is the right path for you.

Famous Japanese models

Japanese women are in a class of their own. No matter the fashion brand, you’ll see Japanese models at the forefront. Curious about them? These gorgeous goddesses will take your breath away. It’s easy to understand why Western men want to find a Japanese wife after seeing these ladies.

  • Haruna Kojima. Hailing from Urawa-ky in Saitama, Haruna Kojima. She’s an actress, model and former singer. She’s the personification of the cute Japanese girls you think of when you read manga or watch anime, and this is clear on her Instagram. She has over 2.7 million followers.
  • Rola. Born in Tokyo, Rola became famous after modelling for fashion magazine Vivi in 2008. Whether it’s business casual, party wear, sundresses or lingerie, she rocks it with confidence. Her wide eyes, slender legs and lustful face make her the object of desire for men all over the world. This is evident in her Instagram profile, with over 6.3 million followers.
  • Suzu Hirose. Raised in Shizuoka, Suzu Hirose is both an actress and a model. She’s acted in 20 films, and several TV dramas. She’s the embodiment of the cutesy Japanese girl vibe, as her Instagram account shows that. With doe eyes, a longing gaze, and subtle confidence, women like her can make any man fall head over heels in love. She has over 2.6 million followers.

Why do Japanese brides leave Japan by becoming mail order brides?

Foreign men are often perplexed as to why women would leave a country as advanced as Japan to live out in the West. After all, in the news and the movies, Japan is touted as clean, futuristic, and perfect in every regard. Turns out life isn’t so dandy for Japanese women.

Sexual assault culture in Japan

In Japan, women are often treated as substandard. They’re expected to be submissive, and men often try to take advantage of this. In the modern era, Japanese ladies are granted more freedom to be who they are, but sexual assaults still prevail. This is especially notable in crowded public transport, where groping is such a huge issue that Tokyo police had to create a groping prevention week for awareness. Of course the prevalence of such an atrocity means Japanese girls would want to move to a country where men treat them as their equals.

Issues with stalking

Japanese girls often suffer from stalkers. The issue is prevalent in Japan, where many men simply cannot take “no” for an answer. Naturally, being stalked doesn’t make these women any more keen on marrying Japanese men, so they take to mail order bride platforms. In this way, they hope to marry a man who respects them, and will take them to live in a country where they’re able to live without fear.

Domestic violence in Japan

Japanese brides are expected to be subservient at home. When they don’t obey their husbands, these men often take it out on the ladies. However, in Japan, women are reluctant to report their husbands for abuse, because domestic disputes are traditionally seen as negligence on the part of the woman. Naturally, this means society places shame on the woman instead of the man, which forces her to keep quiet. To avoid this, many Japanese singles become mail order brides.

Escape from the stressful work culture

Japan is known for its toxic work culture. Every citizen is defined by their job, so perfectionism is expected. This means long hours of work, with every waking moment being in the pursuit of being better at their job. This leaves little time for recreation and self-growth, eventually leading to a pit of wondering if there’s anything to their soul beyond just their career. In recent years, many Japanese women have begun migrating to Western countries, so that they may focus on themselves instead of just work. Becoming a mail order bride has been one of the easiest ways to move abroad.

Escaping the toxic expectation to be perfect

In Japan, perfectionism prevails all spheres. In school, it’s about getting straight As. At work, they’re expected to dedicate nearly all their waking hours to their company growth and to never make a mistake or be late. To a degree, this is healthy. Beyond that, it takes a toll on your soul. You begin to crumble behind the scenes, with depression and suicide becoming prevalent in the youth. It’s no wonder Japanese women want to get away from this toxic environment and find a more carefree, accepting land to live in.

What do Japanese singles look like?

As superficial as it may sound, you can’t fall in love with someone without liking the way they look. Lucky for you, Japanese girls are some of the cutest ladies the planet has to offer.

japanese woman

Chiseled faces

Japanese girls have lovely, well-structured faces. It’s almost as though you could pick any woman off the street in Japan, and she’d be a perfect fit for the cover of Vogue magazine.

Perfect taste in fashion

Japanese women love to go all out when it comes to clothing. They love to rock traditional attire like kimonos, dainty schoolgirl getups with thigh high stockings, and even business casual suits. You’ll never see a dressed up Japanese girl who can’t wow you.

Love to physical exercises

Games like tennis, badminton, and even football and baseball are popular among Japanese ladies. They work out, jog, and swim. This means long gym sessions, and it also means tight, toned bodies. When was the last time you ever saw an unfit Japanese woman?

What are some traits every Japanese bride has?

Aren’t you curious to know how a Japanese woman would be at home? What drives her? Would you even be compatible with her? These 2 characteristic traits Japanese ladies share will give you some insight.


Japanese girls are devoted to their husbands and families. They’re the most important things in the world in their eyes, and these girls make it known. They go out of their way to provide for the ones they love. Through acts of kindness, kisses, hugs, and cooking meals, a Japanese bride will never leave you wanting for love again.


Although this is becoming rarer, traditional Japanese women are extremely submissive. This is mainly because of gender roles which the women typically accept. They’re expected to be subservient at home, catering to the husband’s needs. A traditional Japanese bride will happily do this.

How can you make a Japanese mail order bride fall for you?

You can’t just waltz up to a Japanese woman and expect her to fall head over heels for you. What’s your strategy? How will you behave with her? One wrong move and you might lose her forever. Follow these tips, if you want the best shot at marrying your dream Japanese lady.

Accept her cleanliness

You’ll never find a Japanese home that is kept unclean. Your Japanese bride will have the same expectations in cleanliness from you, so do your best to impress. Regular dusting, mopping, and even spending extra on fragrances and candles will have her swooning for you. It’s the least you can do, and improves the quality of your life.

Don’t get in the way of her work

Japanese folk are known for their rigid work ethic. They don’t let anything get in the way of their job, so don’t try to distract her. If you’re a distraction, she might try and get rid of you. Instead, give her the space she needs. She’ll respect you for it, and will in turn give you her free time.

Learn Japanese table manners

Learning Japanese table manners can go a long way. This means learning how to use chopsticks, instead of stabbing your food with it. Never leave your chopsticks standing up in your food bowl. Instead, leave them on the hashi-oki, the chopstick rest. Don’t double-dip into communal sauces.

Spend your birthday with her

You might think this is odd. Shouldn’t your birthday be about you, and not her? In Japanese culture, birthdays are like Valentine’s day. You have to spend the day with her, at least in the beginning of your relationship. As you connect with her, familiarize her with your culture and show her how Western birthdays are meant to be spent with everyone you love, not just the one person you love the most.

Will you be happy with a Japanese mail order wife?

Japanese girls are the embodiment of devotion. They dedicate their married lives to the happiness of their husbands, often at personal sacrifices. Yet, they never complain, because their husbands and family make them happier than anything else in the world. When you’re with a woman who’s so devoted and committed at keeping you happy and healthy, nothing can go wrong. This is the fairy tale life you always dreamed of. Take a step at making it come true and try to find a Japanese wife.