Are Thai Brides Built Up Or Are They Really All That?

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Thai women are beauties men all over the world flock to. Folks claim business trips when in reality they visit Thailand in the hopes of marrying a cute Thai lady, but it’s not something that’ll happen quickly. If you want to land yourself a Thai beauty, read through this article so you’ll know these Asian ladies better.

Famous Thai models

Thai women are a beauty to behold. These girls can easily make a living with their looks, and quite a few ladies have proved it. Check out these famous Thai models who made it big:

  • Urassaya Sperbund. Born in Pattaya City, Urassaya has endorsed famous brands like Maybelline, Pantene, and Uniqlo. She was even the first celebrity endorsed in US Vogue. Her Instagram has plenty of wholesome, cutesy pictures, and she has just over 10.3 million followers.
  • Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul. Raised in Dusit, Bangkok, Pimchanok is a renowned actress and model. She knows how to rock literally any look. Goth, punk, girl next door, you name it. Her Instagram is followed by 7.9 million people.
  • Araya A. Hargate. An ambassador for L’Oreal Paris, Araya is a slender beauty who chases divine aesthetics. Her Instagram is peppered with pictures of her twin sons, photoshoots, and even her gym workouts. She has amassed over 10.2 million followers.

Why do Thai mail order brides choose this path?

There’s no single reason for a woman choosing to become a mail order bride. Each girl has unique influencers. But, these are the most common factors which drove Thai women to become mail order brides.

Unfavorable gender ratio

Thailand has a larger population of women in comparison with men. This obviously leaves quite a few ladies without a man to take care of them. Since polygamous marriages aren’t popular (or even allowed) in Thailand yet, these Thai singles resort to mail order bride services to find their dream man.

Overpopulation in Thailand

Thailand is a tiny country. With a population of over 69.43 million citizens, life can get crowded, especially in the cities. Moving to another country for a better life can be difficult, but marrying a Western man through a mail order bride service makes it easier.

Risky living situation

Thailand is a dangerous place to live in, with drug spiking, pick pocketing, scam artists, and even the roads being incredibly hazardous. Thailand has one of the world’s highest road fatality rates, and not much is being done about. For a lady as delicate as a Thai one, this is not a good way of life. With the government not taking appropriate measures, the only thing a Thai woman can do is to emigrate to a country with a safer living situation. Marrying a Western man is one of the easiest ways to accomplish this.

Gender violence

Domestic violence, and gender violence in general is something Thailand continues to suffer from. The patriarchal base of this nation has led to women being forced into defined gender roles, and when women don’t conform, there is violence. Verbal abuse, gaslighting, even physical violence occurs. When it’s that hard to find a decent man in your own country, isn’t becoming a mail order bride the best way?

Desire to live in a country with better amenities

While Thailand has a 96% literacy rate, it ranks 35th out of 40 countries on the PISA tests in 2014. Despite spending 19% of their yearly budget on education, there’s no discernible improvement. Roads are shoddily constructed, and public facilities in general aren’t well-kept. Why should a Thai woman bother staying if she can simply marry a Western man and go live in the US?

What do Thai girls for marriage look like?

Love at first sight is a saying for a reason. No one falls in love with a personality at first sight. It may be superficial, but it’s still important. In case the segment about Thai models hasn’t already enlightened you, these ladies are gorgeous. Here are some things to look out for.

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Petite build

Have you fancied a woman much smaller than you your whole life? Finding that can be difficult in the US because women here are built tall and sturdy. Thai singles, on the other hand, are slim, slender and short. These petite beauties are exactly what you dream of, the cutesy, adorable woman to spend the rest of your life with.

Love to makeup

Thai women can be all over the spectrum when it comes to makeup. Some days they’ll go out completely nude, and other days they may look like they’re wearing someone else’s face. No matter how they decide to go about it, these fine Thai mail order brides always come out looking like the apple of your eye.

Sleek black hair

A Thai woman will almost never cut her hair short. Long hair is precious in Thailand, and meticulous amounts of care is put into keeping it in the best condition. If you marry a Thai bride, you’ll go through conditioner and shampoo in the blink of an eye. All those extra costs will be worth it though. Imagine your petite wife in a classy dress, walking arm in arm with you, her hair flowing down her back. Wouldn’t that be a sight to behold?

What is a Thai bride like after marriage?

Would you be compatible with a Thai bride after you get married? Sure the dating phase will be fun, but you don’t know how she’ll be after you’ve been married a while. This segment shows you what the future will be like.

Boundless passion

With Thai girls, the honeymoon period never ends. Everyday feels like the day after your wedding, no matter how many years have passed. Thai mail order brides go through the effort to make their husbands feel loved and cherished.

A wonderful mother

Thai ladies have always been great homemakers. From taking care of the children, to cooking for them, and even teaching them to be good human beings, the Thai culture ensures Thai brides are the best at this.

A reliable shoulder

No matter what your issue, Thai women understand you with empathy and sympathy. She’ll always be by your side, whether you need someone to vent to, or someone to get advice from.

How can you make Thai singles fall for you?

A Thai woman isn’t easy to get with. These women have their reserves about Western men, and only a few actively try to date them. While the ones on mail order bride services do want to marry Western guys, you’ll have to try harder than with other nationalities to make them love you by.

Learning the language

Unlike many other Asian countries, Thai women don’t fetishize Western men. This means you have to rely on your charm and wit to woo her. Thai ladies want a man they can communicate with at the very least. If you’re on a mail order bride platform, chances are the ladies there will speak a little English and are actively looking for a foreign man. These are good indicators, but remember, there are thousands of other men trying to hit it off with the same ladies. If these girls see you know their language, you’ll be the clear winner.

Relating to the culture, or at least embracing it

Do not mock their culture. Remember that while there’s a stigma against dating a foreigner, embracing her nation’s culture will help her family accept you. Ask questions, show pure interest, inspire her to talk more about her home traditions.

Going slower than in the West

Most girls in Thailand are conservative. Public displays of affection are to be kept to a minimum until you both agree you’re a fully fledged couple. Women in Thailand tend to meet their husbands in high school or college, so marrying a foreigner is a big step. Don’t push boundaries too quickly, lest you scare her away.

Should you marry a Thai mail order wife?

Thai women are a blessing upon the world. These gentle ladies can keep a man nourished with their love alone. They never leave their husbands wanting for anything. What possible argument would you have against marrying a Thai lady?