Revealing The True Nature Of British Brides

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Charming accent, elegance, wisdom, and natural seduction. It’s all about British mail order wives. Looking at ladies like Emilia Clarke, Emma Watson, and Keira Knightley you realize beauty isn’t just about the appearance. Their true beauty is seen in the eyes, deep and wise. Wouldn’t you desire to wake up to such a gaze every morning? Let’s find out more about these charming girls.

Main features of UK mail order brides

Calling every woman from the United Kingdom a British you’ll mess up. There are more cities than just London in the UK. Thus, girls are truly diverse. But still, there are a few things they all have in common.


British humor is a world-known thing. They might seem cold from first sight, but they definitely know how to make jokes much better than anybody else. British singles are cool with laughing at themselves and that’s the saver of any stuck dialogue. Obviously, you’ll always smile with such a wife.

Extremely polite

It’s not just saying simple “sorry” when hitting someone in the crowd accidentally. That “sorry” will come at least 3 times and every British won’t let you go until she makes sure you’re fine. This is a more reflexive thing than a pure regret though, but it helps them to avoid conflicts even with the most unpleasant people.

Not as posh as you think

Thinking of a British girl you imagine Kate Middleton? Nice try. In everyday life, British brides prefer drinking beer in bars, dancing (sometimes on the table), and do everything they desire. Being on a date, such a woman will order rather a lasagna or a good steak than a salad. She knows how to be a lady, but why pretend if she’s not at the business meeting?

Why British women become mail order brides?

United Kingdom is the land of gentlemen and lords you think. Then why would British women start seeking American men? Mainly, there are 2 reasons for that.

English men are shy and not confident

Being confident in approaching a girl and then in a relationship itself is important. If a man doesn’t feel confident with a woman and doesn’t show it to her, his charm won’t work. It’s about biological instincts, females are attracted to those who look big tigers in their eyes, not little cute kittens. Also, English men are very reserved when it comes to demonstrating emotions. Sure, saying words of love every day might not be the thing British mail order wives expect, but they want to hear it at least sometimes. Otherwise, how to be sure in genuine feelings? Often, local gentlemen need a few glasses of good beer to at least approach a lady.

Men in England drink too much

There’s a huge drinking problem in Great Britain. British people get drunk more often than any other nation in the world. And it relates not only to casual drinking that’s considered a norm there, it’s about binge-drinking that often ends up in a hospital. Who would desire to create a family with such a man? Yes, British women for marriage also enjoy going to pubs and drink there, but entering a serious relationship they abandon such a careless lifestyle.

How to impress a UK mail order bride?british mail order woman

5 tips for you of how to succeed on dating a British girl:

  • Never be late on dates. English brides are punctual and appreciate their time. The same they expect from you.
  • Be a gentleman. Holding a door for your lady won’t be considered anti-feminist in Great Britain.
  • Don’t use your phone on a date. It’s impolite to keep scrolling your feed when you’re dining with your lady, put your phone aside and enjoy every moment with her.
  • Forget about faking her accent and neither keep saying how amazing it is. She probably has heard this so many times it doesn’t impress her anymore.
  • Let her vent. It’s a common thing for British to complain on everything: from bad weather to unfair boss. Show you’re ready to listen no matter what and, if needed, support.

What kind of life you’ll have marrying an English bride?

First, you won’t always understand her. Accents across the United Kingdom are different and some sound completely weird to you even if it’s still English. It might take some time to get used to that, but your friends will be amazed with her language every time you meet them.

Second, you’ll probably have Sunday roasts. Eating pizza in front of the TV isn’t the English style. Meat, potatoes, mushrooms, stuffing, pudding — sometimes your dinner will look you’re waiting for the whole family to visit your place.

But in general, your food might become simple. British brides cook simple food adding usual ingredients. Their goal not to impress you with the dish but to just get fed. And yes, tea might be your water when you’re living with an English lady.

UK mail order bride is like a box of chocolate — you never know what taste you get. She looks like a lady, but knows how to have fun in the wildest way. You can go out on a business meeting with her in the day, and hang out together in a pub at night. Wouldn’t you enjoy such a chocolate?