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For a long time, European women for marriage have been the most desirable mystery for men. This remains quite true especially for men from the West who’ve been entirely enchanted by these seductresses. The popularity has increased even more with the passage of time. Over the years these foreign women have acquired fame for being beautiful, witty and charming altogether. And, this is why there’s so much hype about European women.

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Women like Malin Åkerman (the Swedish actress who plays Tess Nichols in the movie “27 Dresses”), Kirsten Dunst (Mary Jane from “Spiderman”), Kristanna Locanna (Norwegian beauty who acted as T-X in “Terminator 3”), and the beautiful Hollywood actress Natalie Portman who holds Romanian roots are stunning examples of how beautiful European women could be. So, here’s a review to understand these gorgeous brides who are both physically and intellectually captivating.

Popular European women: An outlook of how special European brides are

There are so many seekers who wish to spend their lives with European women. Let’s take a look at the most popular European countries which give the world beautiful single European women.

  • Sweden brides. Soft-hearted, polite and compassionate, if love and innocence could have an ethnicity, Swedish girls would fit it completely. Swedish women are exceptional cooks. You should definitely try their gravlax (dry cured salmon made in mixed herbs) and meatballs.
  • German brides. If Swedish women are humble, German women are more straightforward and direct. German brides will keep it honest with you and will always let you know how they feel. Want to taste German food? How about their famous pot roast and delicious pork knuckle.
  • Norwegian brides. Somehow, Norwegian brides remind you of Valkyries. These are tolerant women but if they see anything wrong, they won’t keep mum. Nevertheless, in their best moods, they’ll take the charm to the next level by serving delicious different types of cheese, fårikål (a dish made of cabbage, mutton, wheat flour and black pepper) and sursild (saltwater fish dish).
  • Romanian brides. Romanian girls can be the sunshine of any social event. They’re ambitious and modern but also highly linked to their traditional values. They love wearing their beautiful folk dresses during special occasions, and cooking tempting dishes like Sarmale (stuffed rolls) and Mici (grilled minced meat rolls).

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Beauty secrets of European brides

European girls don’t take time to stand out in a crowd. In fact, one can always look at a bunch of people and know the European beauty from her looks. With symphonically enchanting looks, it’s no wonder men are so easily pulled towards her. Here are some of the most amicable qualities of European women.

  • Importance of looks. Single European women are always aware of the essence of beauty and how to achieve it. Makeup is something European women love. Hence, be ready to be surprised by her supermodel-like-looks.
  • European lifestyle. Most European women keep their diet simple and packed with nutrition. Unlike Americans, European women exercise a lot of control when it comes to eating junk food. Hence, there’s a lot more progress in their health and beauty.

The culture diaspora followed by European mail order wife

European women follow a diversity of culture and traditions. For instance, Sweden mail order brides with their egalitarian nature and humble upbringing become very modest brides. They speak softly and politely to everyone. They have events like the Summerburst Festival (a music festival celebrated annually in Stockholm) and the Peace and Love Festival (celebrated in the month of July annually in Borlänge, Sweden) which are self-explanatory about how jovial Swedish people are. These ladies wear their Sverigedräkten – traditional blue and yellow folk dress that reminds much of Snow White. German festivals like the Oktoberfest and Reeperbahn (celebrated at the end of September in Hamburg) would be no fun without the inherited German knack to plan everything perfectly. Mostly, German women love the modern dressing styles, but during such festivals, you can see their love for the dirndl, a traditional set of bodice, blouse, a high-waisted skirt and an apron.

Norwegian girls, on the other hand, are uncomplicated gems who love nature. Norwegian brides don’t hide their feelings if they like you. They’ll tell you straight up about how they feel for you. They love romance like in the movies. Your Norwegian bride will take you to festivals like the Ice Music Festival which takes place is Geilo, in southern Norway known for ski resorts and mountain trails and to the The Northern Lights Music Festival, in Tromsø, a city in northern Norway, where amidst all the music and the merriment, she will find her way to express how special you are. These beauties in their lovely Bunad, a traditional woollen attire during such festivals, can win your heart in a jiffy. It’s quite different from Romanian girls who have a more practical outlook as compared to a Norwegian girl’s idealism in romance.

When it comes falling for Romanian brides, expect unprecedented charm. Romanian women can be quite unpredictable too. One day they want to take all the traditional values in with festivals like Sus pe Muntele din Jina (celebrated in the Jina-Sibiu County) and the Cabbage festival, celebrated in the 1st week of October in charming little Saxon village), and on the very next day, they are back on their modern, ambitious path making you prouder than ever.

These differences make European brides irresistible. The more you think about it, the more you realize how colorful Europe can be.

What’s good about being a European mail-order bride?

Of course, the central thought around being a European mail-order wife is to find the love of a man. There are times when local men don’t suit the type they’re looking for. There are also cases where European men have failed to provide the attention these beautiful women desire. Therefore, most European women these days are interested in men from further West. They want to explore more but without entirely shifting to a new country. Mail-order bride websites are handy here in providing the perfect platforms to meet and greet men from abroad.

The man European brides are looking for

There are certain traits which European women look for in a man. It’s important to know how selective they’re about whom they want to marry. So, here are some tips to help you score good when it comes to impressing your European crush.

  • Good-looking. When you meet European women, know that they’d want a man who cares about his looks. Shabbiness and unhygienic lifestyle turn them off. So, it’s mandatory to put on something neat. Other than this, body hygiene matters a lot. From nails to teeth, European women will notice all the details.
  • Caring. When one meets European mail order wives online, it’s important they pay attention to her. Pretending to pay attention is only going to make European women move away. Be sincere no matter what.
  • Romantic. Being romantic is the best way to impress European women for marriage. Small romantic gestures like compliments or sweet quotes go a long way in impressing these beautiful angels. You can even send a small gift to show how much you actually care. It doesn’t need to be an expensive gift. It needs to be a thoughtful gift which will let her know she was being paid attention to.


One can say, it’s never wrong to dream big. Everyone deserves a chance to meet the person of their dreams. Everybody must get a chance to find their destined love and mail-order bride websites are the ideal places for destiny to work.

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