Korean Brides Are Conquering Westerners’ Hearts

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Do you find no interest in Western women? Do you like Korean culture and their beautiful women? Exploring Korean mail order brides charm might get you excited! Let’s find out what so special about them!

Famous Korean models

Anyone who uses social media knows how popular Korean women are. Even if you’re living under a rock, you know how K-Pop fans go crazy on Twitter for their idols. Once you’ve seen how these women look, it’s evident why people go crazy over them, and men all over the world covet Korean mail order brides. Check out some famous Korean models:

  • Lee Sung-kyung. Born in Goyang, Gyeonggi, this gorgeous woman is a popular model, actress and singer. With over 11.9 million followers on her Instagram, Lee’s pictures are adorable to look at, and show you a typical Korean girl’s feed.
  • Park Soo-Joo. Hailing from Seoul, Soo Joo has worked for Chanel, Fendi, Lanvin and even appeared on Vogue Italia and Glamour. She takes on a “girl next door” sort of look, and loves art. Her Instagram is followed by nearly 6,00,000 people.
  • Park Shin-hye. A renowned singer and actress, Park Shin-hye is one of the cutest ladies you’ll ever lay eyes upon. Her brown doe eyes are the type to make men fall helplessly in love with her, and she has a subtle arrogance about it. Her Instagram has over 11 million followers.

What entices women to become Korean mail order brides?

South Korea is a beautiful country, but it sees many women leave the country by becoming mail order brides. Any man who decides to marry a Korean bride should first know why she chose to become one. This isn’t a surefire way of knowing your specific bride’s decision, but a generalization of many Korean women.

To escape from forced gender roles

Women in Korea have to deal with gender inequality on several levels. The biggest one is the expectation placed on them to be a docile housewife and mother. Being human, Korean women have ambitions of their own, but are dissuaded by society from acting on them. By marrying a Western man, Korean brides will be able to move to a country where women are treated as equals.

To search a better job opportunities

Korea is plagued with employment issues, particularly for women. The wage gap is real, with women earning 32.5 % less than their male counterparts. Alongside this, women are often driven into low paying, non-regular jobs, and are much less likely to be promoted into higher positions in their workplace. Another issue they face is being forced out of the workplace upon becoming pregnant. Why bother with all the hoops when a Korean mail order wife could simply marry a Western man and move to a country with better opportunities?

To meet exotic Western grooms

Western men are hard to find in Korea. They’re quickly scooped up by the locals, so any Korean singles who want to marry a Western man needs to be proactive. The best way to go about it is to create an account on a mail order bride service. This allows Korean women to connect Western grooms who aren’t in the country yet, giving them a better chance at marrying their dream Western hubby.

To escape social stigmas

Being unmarried is frowned upon in Korea. Women here don’t want to marry someone right off the bat, but are often pressured into marriage by their family and society. With a Western man, they won’t feel this sort of stress. Divorced women are also discriminated against socially and economically, and mail order bride platforms offer a chance at a normal, happy relationship.

What do Korean mail order brides look like?

Have you ever seen Korean women? It’s no wonder men all over the world go nuts for them. Here are some main features men love about Korean girls.

korean beauty

Beautiful, innocent eyes

When you’re looking into your Korean bride’s eyes, you’d believe she’s never had a sinful thought in her life. They say the eyes are a window to the soul, and it’s clear from their mesmerizing orbs these women are of pure heart.

Fit figure

You would be hard-pressed to find a Korean girl who isn’t fit. These ladies dedicate a good part of their day to staying active, through sports and the gym. If you marry a Korean female, expect her to drag you along on her physical fitness endeavors.

What are the traits of a Korean mail order wife?

What a Korean woman’s personality is like? Wonder no more, here are some of their most evident characteristic traits.

They’re confident

Korean women carry themselves with confidence. They boldly speak their mind, and always back up their husbands. You’ll definitely see other men’s eyes on her when you’re out together, as her confidence is felt by everybody around her.

They’re straightforward

If you’re ever in an argument with your Korean mail order wife, she won’t beat around the bush. No toying with your emotions or giving you the silent treatment. She’ll tell you exactly what’s wrong and start cooperating to create a solution.

Is it difficult to get a Korean bride to fall for you?

If you want a Korean girl to love you, approach her with some tact. Women in Korea don’t appreciate brute straightforwardness and Western dating traditions. You don’t want to mess up your shot at having the dream wife you’ve always wanted, so here are tips to follow.

Always dress up

Fashion is a major talking point in Korea. If you’re out with a girl and you want to make sure that date isn’t the last one, look your best. This means shaving/trimming your facial hair, well-kept hair, clothes that fit properly and match, and most importantly, good shoes. It’s the first thing a Korean woman will look at, and she’ll make her first judgement of you based on it.

Pay compliments and pay for the date

When you’re dating a Korean, the man is expected to pick up the tab. Whether it’s a bar, a restaurant or the aquarium, carry enough cash to pay for it. It’s not that she’s a gold digger, or she doesn’t have money, this is what Korean culture dictates. You also have to drop her home, even if she lives far away. However, it’s not just the date you pay for. Apparently, Korean men rarely compliment a lady’s looks. You can cash in on this by showering your Korean bride with compliments, and have her feeling over the moon.

Know when public displays of affection are appropriate

No hugs or kisses on the first few dates. Even though Korea is advanced and free, it’s still an Asian society. Unless your bride initiates physical contact, leave it to a minimum, and save it for when she’s truly ready.

Be understanding

Life in Korea is full of obligations, almost entirely to other people. She’ll have obligations to her parents, classmates, coworkers, and so on. You have to be understanding and not question it too much when she says she has a curfew or says she can’t meet you because she already promised someone else. That’s just how Korean life is, and the more accepting you are of it, the more she’ll accept you.

Will you be happy with a Korean mail order bride?

Picture the life you’ve always wanted. White picket fence, house in the suburbs, beautiful children, and a darling wife to wake up with every day. Sounds like the dream, right? A Korean bride is the perfect wife to make every other bit of that fantasy become reality. You won’t have to spend another night feeling alone and unloved when there are Korean women for marriage waiting to meet you.