Why Look For Baltic Mail Order Brides?

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If you’ve been dreaming of an exotic wife, look no further than the Baltics. The women of this region are exquisite beauties, desired by men all over the world, but only the finest will have them. Think you can step up to the plate?

What exactly are the Baltics?

The Baltic countries are Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. They were referred to as such after gaining independence post World War I.

Famous Baltic models

Women of the Baltics are beauties of a unique sort. They come in different shapes and sizes, and will stop any man dead in his tracks. Here are 3 of the most popular Baltic actresses, each from one state of the region:

  • Jurgita Jurkute. An actress, model and mom, Jurgita is from Lithuania. She loves to show both the wholesome and enticing sides of Baltic women, with some posts showing off her gorgeous self and others showing her family or being aesthetic shots.
  • Evelina Parkere. She’s a popular Latvian YouTuber and actress. Her Instagram is peppered with pictures exhibiting pure Baltic beauty. She loves dyeing her hair in different colors and posting seductive, sexy, and even silly in a good way pictures.
  • Katri Kats. Born in Estonia, Katri models and produces music videos, with one of her clips having over 96 million views. She travels all over the world but never forgets her Baltic roots.

What leads Baltic women to become mail order brides?

Single Baltic women are marrying Western men in droves. Here are some factors influencing their decision:

A low male to female ratio

Throughout the Baltic states, women have to deal with an unfavorable gender ratio. The countries have a lower population of men, so they struggle to find a husband. The only option remaining is to stay single or look for a husband abroad. With mail order bride services, finding the perfect husband has become easier than ever for these Baltic singles.

The prospect of living in a better country

Despite being part of the European Union, the Baltics are still developing nations. The standard of living is not high, and this is a major factor in driving women to become mail order brides. This is an easy way for them to move to a Western nation.

What do Baltic brides look like?

Baltic women are some of the most attractive women in the world. What exactly about them is so enticing?

baltic bride

Perfect skin

Rigorous skincare routines and winning the genetic lottery means single Baltic ladies have flawless skin to die for. Their complexion is a wonder to behold. Is it even possible to resist such a beauty?

Confident posture

Baltic ladies know their worth, and they show this proudly in their posture. With their heads held up high and chest out, these girls have confident body language and command presence when they desire it.

What is a Baltic bride like after marriage?

Baltic girls only become more loveable after tying the knot. Here’s what can be said about all Baltic brides:

An optimistic life partner

No matter what the situation, Baltic women for marriage always see the glass half full. They always try to uplift their husbands’ spirits, and rarely fail.

Doting wife

Baltic women love to shower their husbands with affection. Through gifts, kisses, words of appreciation, home cooked meals and more, they do their best to show their men how much they appreciate them.

What makes a man attractive to Baltic mail order brides?

Baltic women aren’t attracted to the same things as Western ladies. Thus, learn what behavior might help you to win their hearts over.

Embracing the silence

In the West, people dread silences in conversation and try to fill it up with small talk. This is looked down on in the Baltic countries. Awkward silences aren’t a thing, and in a good company these calm moments are embraced. They show you’re comfortable in just each other’s presence, with no other distractions.

Knowing how to drink classy

Baltic folk know how to drink, but they also know how to be classy about it. They might pound back to back vodka shots, but they’ll never lose their cool. Naturally, they’d hope to meet a man who can hold their own.

Knowing how to be dominant

In Baltic culture, a good man bosses his woman around in an appropriate sort of way. This doesn’t mean ordering her to cook food or telling her what to wear. This is more in the vein of laying out the plan for a date, coming up with surprise parties and vacations, leading in bed, and so on.

Being straightforward about your intentions

Baltic mail order brides don’t want to have their time wasted by someone who is just looking for a cheap fling. They’re ready to settle down and try to find a man who will respect them and their choices.

Should you marry a Baltic mail order wife?

Baltic women are the epitome of the ideal wife. When you picture the perfect life partner, you imagine someone who is compassionate. A person who will share your struggles, help you build yourself up, and raise a family with. Baltic mail order wives provide all this, and continue to surprise their husbands positively day after day, for the rest of their lives. If happiness were locked, the key would be a Baltic wife. Are you ready to find yours?