Estonian Bride: Main Peculiarities And Tips On How To Date

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These ladies are often overlooked, never noticed by men in the West because often, people don’t know such a country exists. The internet is changing that. After the advent of mail order bride services, Western men are tripping over themselves trying to land a beautiful Estonian lady.

Famous Estonian women

There’s no better way to understand what beautiful Estonian women look like, than by looking at a few famous Estonian models. They’re a perfect representation of the general population:

  • Lucy Grasso. Being a world traveler isn’t easy, but Lucy shows just the fun sides of it with her pictures. Wherever she goes, she has an outfit ready to take a photo in.
  • Kelly Sildaru. An avid athlete, Kelly loves to ski. She had podium finishes in 9 XGames events, and even won a gold medal in the 2020 Youth Olympic Games for freestyle skiing.
  • Carmen Kass. Both an intellectual and a model, Carmen has worked with Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, and Valentino, ran for European Parliament, and was even the president of the Estonian Chess Federation from 2004 to 2011.

Why would Estonian women become mail order brides?

Every girl’s choice is influenced by a number of factors. Here are the main ones:

To travel the world

Being born in Estonia often means they can’t travel much of the world outside of Europe. By marrying Western men and becoming a citizen of their nation, Estonian brides can traverse the world as they please to fulfill their wanderlust desires. And is there a better way to explore the planet than together with a beloved husband?

To meet men with a different mentality

Women in Estonia quickly grow tired of men who all behave in the same patriarchal way They want to be treated as equals, not as submissive partners to men. It’s insulting, and they don’t see a future with a man who can’t treat them with respect. By becoming a mail order bride, Estonian ladies can meet males they can’t read right off the bat. It makes the relationship exciting, and gives them a chance to properly fall in love.

What are Estonian brides like?

What is it about Estonian women men love so much? There are two main things:

Gorgeous blonde/brunette hair

You wouldn’t be scolded for mistaking these Estonian beauties for Swedish women, especially with their blonde hair. They put lots of care into their hairstyle, and men often go nuts over it.

Melodic voices

Estonian women speak in a sing-song sort of way. They’re shy when they’re speaking a language they’re not exceptionally fluent, like English. This leads to men falling deeper in love as they hear their beloved bride softly speak to them, trying not to trip over words.

Do Estonian brides act different after marriage?

Estonian girls do change, but never negatively. After marriage, you’ll notice positive growth as these ladies take on a more wifely role.

estinian bride

They become even more kind-hearted

They understand the weight men carry, trying to feed their families and provide more than just the necessities. This can take a toll, and Estonian mail order wives are always there to lend you an ear, help you shoulder your burden, and even give you advice if you want it. They understand you’re a team and you need to work together.

They get more passionate

Many men complain of the bedroom feeling dead a few years into marriage. Estonian women refuse to let that happen, and the males who have married them are happy for it. Life with an Estonian lady turns colorful not only in the kitchen.

How can you woo Estonian mail order brides?

Unlike other nationalities, Estonian girls aren’t a tough nut to crack. With these simple tips, you’ll be good to go:

Use your age as an advantage

In Estonia, women often marry men who are about 5-10 years older than them. So, you don’t need to limit yourself to Estonian girls your age when there are goddesses younger than you. Estonian singles typically find older men more attractive than people of their age, so you can work this in your favor.

Don’t be frightened by gaps in conversation

If small talk isn’t flowing at your date, this doesn’t mean it’s going downhill. Awkward silences don’t exist in the Estonian culture, and talking too much is a turn off. Spending time with someone is valuable, even if every minute isn’t spent yammering about some random things. It pays to enjoy the silence in each other’s company.

Don’t be pushy right off the bat

Women in Estonia are traditional, so you can’t expect to bring your future bride home on the first date. Furthermore, don’t expect much in the way of public displays of affection the first few times you two go out. It’s not so easy with Estonian ladies.

Have the date planned

From picking her up, to the reservations for the restaurants, the movie you’re watching, whatever it is. You have to be assertive, because Estonian women expect the man to stay in control. You won’t get her respect otherwise.

Why should you marry an Estonian mail order bride?

For a man who wants a traditional lifestyle, an Estonian wife is the perfect fit. With her you1ll always have a close person you can come home to, hot meal ready, affection, and love unbounded. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more loving life companion. Doesn’t it sound like a dream came true?