The Secret Of Chinese Mail Order Brides Charm

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Chinese women for marriage make the best life partners, and this is why Western men are marrying them in droves. But what are the specifics about them that make them so desirable? Why grooms choose them among many other nationalities? Let’s cover everything in detail.

Famous Chinese models

When a country has a population of 1.4 billion citizens, they’re bound to produce more than a few famous models. Here are some of Chinese most popular and beautiful ones for you to get the image of what your future wife might look like:

  • Ming Xi. Born in Shanghai, this stunning Chinese babe began her professional modeling career in 2009. She worked with Givenchy and even participated in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for 6 consecutive years from 2013. Her Instagram has 1.5 million followers.
  • Sui He.She hails from Wenzhou, Zhejiang. One look at her and you’ll understand how she made a living with her face and body. Her chiseled jawbones and sleek black hair caught the eye of several modelling agencies, including Ford Models(Paris) and New York Model Management. She has worked with Chanel, Dior and Jean Paul Gaultier. Her Instagram has 1.5 million followers.
  • Liu Wen. Born in Yongzhou, Hunan, she was the first Chinese model to work with Victoria’s Secret Fashion show, and the first Asian to secure a position in Forbes magazine’s annual highest paid models list. Her Instagram has 5.2 million followers.

Why do Chinese mail order brides choose this path?

Behind every mail order bride is the story which led her to choose this way of finding a husband. Each woman is unique, but these are the most influential factors affecting Chinese women’s choices.

Chinese patriarchy

Like in many other countries, Chinese women face social stigmas put in place by millennia of patriarchy. Women are pressured to get married by the age of 25, and often to men their families choose. The poorer the girl’s family is, the less of a say she has. Women who stay unmarried beyond the age of 25 are given the label “sheng nu“, which means “leftover women”. You can’t blame a girl for not wanting to be married until she’s ready, and these stigmas leave Chinese men not wanting to marry girls over the age of 25. As a response, Chinese ladies took to the mail order bride sector in droves.

Horrible pollution

As a whole, China is a beautiful country. From natural wonders like the Yangtze river and the Kunlun mountains, to manmade beauties like the Great Wall of China, this country is a picturesque tourist’s destination. Living there, however, is a whole different condition. Unless you’re born to the 1%, your social situation would be restricted to living in crowded, polluted cities. Marrying Western men and moving to a Western country gives these women a breath of fresh air, metaphorically and literally.

Restrictive government

Can you imagine a life where every step of your life is controlled by the government? Imagine your favorite websites like YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, and even Google are all restricted, and you can’t even access them through VPNs. Imagine living in a country where even voicing a negative opinion against the ruling party under the guise of anonymity will have government men knocking on the door. Every bit of your life outdoors is under surveillance. Sounds like a dystopian life, and you’d do your best to get out of that country, right? The same thing is going on in China. This is one major reason why Chinese brides are trying to find happiness overseas.

Fetishization of Western men

In China, Western men are a rarity. So rare, in fact, that Chinese companies hire Westerners simply to sit around because it makes them look good. This same fetishization carried over from companies to Chinese women, who go weak in the knees for Western men. Ladies who can’t be bothered to date Chinese men become mail order brides, so they may marry their dream Western groom.

The chance for a new life

Being born into a certain social class in China keeps you stuck there. There’s virtually no chance of you moving up the ladder, short of winning the lottery. When there are 1.4 billion other people trying to climb up at the same time, your odds are extremely low. Getting a good education would be near impossible with the amount of competition, and your career options might be limited to repetitive factory work. By becoming a Chinese mail order wife, these women have a real shot at a new, better life. They can have the white picket fence, two beautiful children with a golden retriever home life they’ve only seen in movies, all thanks to kind men like yourself.

What do Chinese brides look like?

Physical attraction is important when it comes to falling in love. Chinese singles are unique, and here are some key traits about them.

chinese mail order brides

Sleek, shiny hair

It’s rare to find a Chinese woman with unkempt hair. Long black hair is the norm, and they put a lot of work into keeping it top-notch. If you choose to marry a Chinese lady, expect to spend lots of money on high quality shampoo and conditioner. Consider it as an investment in long-lasting beauty of your wife.

Exceptional skin care

In Chinese culture, fair skin is favored over tanned one. It mainly relates to social standing, as in ancient times women who worked the fields would have tanned skin, while women of nobility would stay indoors and have fair skin. This led to Chinese women of the modern day being pressured to stay indoors and not play sports like basketball and football. They have extensive beauty routines, and flawless skin because of this.

Stylish clothing

No matter what social group a Chinese girl is from, they all stay up to date with high fashion. Regardless of how little money they have, these women figure out how to stand out and stay attractive with their impeccable dressing sense. Every man loves a well-dressed woman, and these Chinese ladies are a sight to behold.

What is a Chinese bride like after marriage?

At first glance, Chinese women are goddesses. However, how do you know if they’ll stay the same after marriage? Are they like plucked flowers which slowly wither and die or like magnificent evergreen forests? Here’s what a Chinese mail order bride focuses on after marriage.

Her husband

Chinese mail order brides are devoted to their husbands. They know the effort it takes to bring a Chinese girl to the West, and they are keen to repay this for the rest of their lives through extreme loyalty. Chinese girls for marriage are never the type to be ungrateful, and let their husbands know it through as much care, love and affection as they can muster.

Her family

Second to a Chinese woman’s husband is her family. Her children and parents, even the parents of her husband are all dear to her, and she’ll move mountains for their care. What man wouldn’t want a woman so dedicated to her family as Chinese wife?

Her social standing

This means committing not only to her family and husband, but also to herself. She’ll continue to build herself through her children, work, and hobbies. She’s never one to shy from a party with her husband, especially when she can help him make inroads and look even more respectable.

How can you make Chinese singles fall for you?

Whether you’re talking to a Chinese bride online or you’re finally meeting her in person, you need to behave in a way that’ll make her want you more. You can’t approach a Chinese woman the way you would an American woman. Here are some key tips which will keep you a foot ahead of the pack.

Don’t push for physical affection right off the bat

Even things as innocent as a peck on the cheek and holding hands are too much for a first date with a Chinese mail order wife. Intimate physical contact is held in high regard. If things go well, ask her out again, and you can try holding her hand by the second or third date if she doesn’t seem to be scared off by bodily contact. One foxy trick to get her to like you is to ask her if she knows to read palm lines. If she does, ask her to read your palm.

Be curious about her culture

There’s more to a Chinese woman’s culture than just China. Listen to her childhood stories and ask her why she misses her hometown. You’ll probably learn a lot of unique family traditions a typical China citizens follow. This is also a great trick to find out more about relationships in her family, so that you can earn their approval faster and easier.

Expect a lot of talking and know how to talk

Chinese folks love to babble. Talk about your culture and hers, about the differences and similarities. Don’t scare her off by talking about sex too early though. Don’t talk too loudly and never joke about Chinese stereotypes! You’ll come off as boorish and uncouth. Don’t say you think Chinese girls are beautiful, because this implies you like her only because she’s Chinese.

Impress her with sweet gestures

On a dinner date, place a bit of your food on her plate. In Chinese culture, this shows you care for her. If she invites you to her place, take your shoes off before she asks you to. Tell her how you feel about her, buy flowers and gifts, and make sure she’s okay with PDA before you go for it.

Should you marry a Chinese mail order wife?

Chinese girls are well-known for their stunning, drop dead gorgeous looks, and their pure, kind-hearted souls. They’re committed to their families, and love and cherish their husbands. Wouldn’t you want a lady like that by your side forever? Someone who is loyal and does her utmost to keep you happy for the rest of your days? Maybe trying your luck with one of Chinese mail order brides will change your life? You never know until you try.