Revealing Secrets Of Vietnamese Brides Popularity

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You can take on the world with a Vietnamese mail order wife at your side. Not convinced? This article will show you all the things to love about Vietnamese girls, and how to get them to love you.

Famous Vietnamese models

Vietnamese models have helped shape the modern fashion industry with their personalities, traditional attire, and modern designs. Here are a few famous Vietnamese women to check out to get the image of Vietnamese beauty.

  • Hồ Ngọc Hà. Born in Huế, Hồ Ngọc Hà is a pop singer, model, actress and entertainer. Sh’s the brand ambassador of Sunsilk, and founder of Moi Cosmetics. She has a truly unique Vietnamese look, as evidenced by her Instagram, with over 2.6 million followers.
  • Tóc Tiên. Nguyễn Khoa Tóc Tiên was born in Ho Chi Minh City, branching her careers into music, modeling, and acting. This is the kind of girl you think of when you imagine a typical Vietnamese lady. She’s petite, adorable, and all that’s sweet in the world. Her Instagram has 2.8 million followers.
  • Thanh Hằng. Born in Da Nang, Thanh Hằng is a Vietnamese actress and supermodel. She even represented Vietnam in 2005’s Miss Earth contest. Her pictures cover cocky to cutesy, silly to sassy. Her Instagram has over 1.5 million followers.

Why do Vietnamese women become Vietnamese mail order brides?

Every girl’s got a reason for becoming a mail order bride. While this doesn’t speak for each one of them, these are some main reasons why they chose this path.


Vietnam is the 12th most populous country in the world, and far from being the biggest. Living in a crowded city isn’t most people’s idea of an ideal life, so many Vietnamese women become mail order brides. This gives them the option to marry Western men and easily leave Vietnam for Western countries.


Modern women still have to deal with patriarchy in Vietnam. House chores are doled out to them, and they’re forced to look after the men in the family. They eat after the men eat, and even inheritance always goes to the son first. Vietnamese women try to leave Vietnam, so that their children may at least have a more equal life.

What do Vietnamese brides look like?

Vietnamese women are stunning to look at, but what it is about them that’s so special?

vietnamese woman

They love traditional attire

Vietnamese girls, despite being very modern, love to hold on to their traditional clothing. The reason for this is simply because they look ravishing in them. The Áo dài is a great example. If you ever see a Vietnamese woman in one, you wouldn’t bother reading the rest of the guide. You’d go sign up for the first Vietnamese mail order bride platform you could find.

They’re obsessed with fitness

Working out and playing sports is part of the culture in Vietnam. Swimming in particular is heavily encouraged, and from childhood to adulthood, Vietnamese women stay active and fit,  staying in their prime regardless of their years. This makes them extremely appealing to Western men.

What is a typical Vietnamese mail order bride like?

Before you run off to find Vietnamese women for marriage, explore what they’re like. Sure you know about their physical appearance, but do you know their personality? If your personalities and expectations of each other don’t match, you won’t last long together.

They expect you to provide for the family

In a traditional Vietnamese family, the man is expected to go out and earn for the family. The woman stays at home, keeping the place spick and span. Children, cooking, and cleaning are all taken care of by her, while you’re at the office earning the big bucks.

They’re amazing cooks

Vietnamese cuisine is a blessing upon this earth, but you’ll have to learn to love fish oil. They use it in virtually every dish, and simply cannot abstain from it. They love feeding their husband and children, and will keep filling up your plate out of habit. When this happens, make a rubbing motion around your stomach, and she’ll stop.

They always keep their word

You can always rely on your Vietnamese bride. Whether it’s keeping a secret, or being a shoulder to lean on, or just being the rock in your family, they’re reliable no matter what.

How can you make Vietnamese singles fall for you?

Making a Vietnamese girl love you isn’t as easy as buying her a drink and opening doors for her. They’re much more complicated than that. It takes effort and dedication to make a Vietnamese bride fall head over heels for you, and these tips will help you make that happen.

Don’t insist on PDA immediately

Like many other Asian countries, public displays of affection are reserved for after marriage. Even hand holding and gentle kisses on the forehead can be expected when you’re practically engaged. If you try to insist on it, you’ll come off as a creep and scare her away. Respect the cultural difference, and wait if she’s truly worth it.

Recognize the importance of family

In Vietnam, family trumps all else. If you have your eyes set on Vietnamese girls for marriage, put in as much effort into wooing her family as you do her, if not more. With traditional Vietnamese women, the family’s disapproval of you could signal the end of your relationship. When you meet the family, the mother will ask you incredibly direct and difficult questions while looking for praise for their daughter and gratefulness to the parents and grandparents for raising her. If you don’t see yourself spending the rest of your life with a Vietnamese girl, it’s not worth pursuing.

Go to coffee shops instead of bars

Vietnamese women don’t enjoy dates to bars. They’ll still go with you, but begrudgingly. It’s worth taking them to a coffee shop instead, where she can be relaxed without feeling pressured to drink alcohol and let loose. The fact you respect Vietnamese brides in this way will mean the world to them.

Would a Vietnamese mail order wife be the right fit for you?

A Vietnamese girl is delicate, much like a lotus flower. With love and care, she’ll blossom to be the most beautiful, nurturing wife you could ever hope for. Every bit of affection you give her, she’ll return several folds. These women prioritize their husbands and children above all else, and perpetually do their utmost to make life heaven on earth for them. What reason could you possibly have to not want to marry one? Browsing Vietnamese mail order bride profiles, you can find the life partner you deserve.