The Most Captivating Traits Of Colombian Brides

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Colombia is famous not only for its cigars but also for gorgeous females. The number of attractive girls per square mile is so big that it may seem a challenging task to choose the best one. No wonder many foreign guys want to get such a treasure and keep it for the rest of their lives. However, the look is in not the only advantage of these girls. They have a lot of other amazing traits and qualities you should know for sure.

Colombian mail order brides belong to the most desirable brides thanks to their exotic nature and high family values. Many of them are lonely and seek men who can provide a comfortable life. They believe that no cultural obstacles that can stand in the way of true feelings. With the help of popular dating portals, you can break down all geographical boundaries and get in touch  with these ladies, regardless of language bearer, different culture, and long distance.

The main peculiarities that make these females so attractive to Western men are :

  • Passion and temper
  • Emotionality and friendliness
  • Positive mindset
  • Easiness in making contact.

What about the appearance of Colombian brides?

If you visit this country, you notice a huge diversity of female figure types and skin colors. Most of them combine features of different races with dark and light-skinned traits. They have the great booty and the breasts and the curves, along with the beautiful face and the femininity and nice hair. Colombian ladies  have a special skin tone that looks like sweet caramel and  long hair which is often straight, thick, and neat-looking. Probably your beloved will be with a shining smile, full mouth-watering lips, perfectly-shaped eyebrows, and a tiny nose. Her figure makes guys shiver since her thin waists look especially appealing together with wide but tight hips.

Features making these females ideal wives

They focus on family and household

Family life is the main value in this country, so little Colombian girls don’t hurry to move away from their parents when they turn 18. Girls feel absolutely happy living with their parents until they get married. A good pattern of happy family life makes them excellent spouses and mothers. Colombian women for marriage enjoy cooking, though local dishes may seem a little spicy for men from other countries. Your future wife will  bring up kids in love and peace, so you can expect that your beloved will create a cozy shelter in your house.

They also like coffee

The motherland of your soulmate is the world’s third-largest producer of coffee. Probably, your girlfriend can show you Colombia’s coffee country – a part of the Colombian Paisa region in the rural area of Colombia. It’s famous for growing and producing the majority of Colombian coffee, considered by many to be the best coffee in the world. You can learn about how coffee grows, including planting a bush, harvesting coffee berries, removing the pulp, drying the beans, and finishing them with a roast.

Colombian mail order brides are athletic

<p>If you look at local girls, you’ll see that there are a lot of skinny ones. They won’t exhaust themselves with diet just because they have  active lives. Thanks to it, these women stay attractive and seductive after the marriage. Also, you can go to the gym together. Mutual passions make couples even more closer.

Your beloved adore dancing

If you visit your foreign bride, throughout Colombia, you can hear music playing. In Cali – the salsa capital of the world You’ll notice a wide variety of nightclubs where you can chill a move.  In Cartagena’s streets – a port city on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, you’ll hear a mix between salsa, Afro-Caribbean drum beats, and Cumbia rhythms. Here you can also find American music, rock, and pop. Depending on the location, you’ll hear different genres of music and get an opportunity to enjoy some professional salsa dancers on the streets. For your beloved, dancing is a part of a daily routine. Maybe, your girlfriend isn’t a great dancer, but she can teach you the basics of Latin dances like salsa. Would you like to impress her? You know exactly what to do!

Outfit and makeup

Colombian singles tend to wear makeup and dress up perfectly. They follow beauty products, fashion, and style trends, trying to highlight their bright features. Walking out the door just to do groceries with some sweatpants and no showering just doesn’t cut it. There is a sense of pride amongst them, and you can tell as soon as they greet each other. Sure there is some fierce competition between local ladies, but within friends, they enter into compliments and a barrage of questions regarding the “how”, the “where”, and the “why” of everything regarding each other’s outfit.

Colombian girls for marriage are keen on traveling

Local females are globetrotters by nature. There’s no country on this planet that these girls didn’t explore. They always seek new experiences and landscapes, even if this means learning new languages or entering into inhospitable territories. They appreciate domestic tourism either, If you visit your girlfriend in Colombia, don’t forget about the Colombian Amazon Jungle. You may take  excursions into the jungle for up to 5-days, depending on how much walking or hiking you can tolerate.  Exploring the natural beauty of this country together will make your dating more romantic. Don’t forget about sleepover under the stars, and filling up on traditional food during a jungle experience.

How to attract Colombian mail order bride

Western guys treat dating traditionally but it’s good to remember that these females are a precious diamond that needs polishing and it would be a mistake to attract them using old-fashioned ways. If you want to start a long-termed affair with one of these girls, consider the following:

  • Every local lady wants to feel like a princess and to be the star of every show for her man.
  • They tend to be emotional, so express your feelings by words and actions.
  • Some women can be okay but Colombian women wouldn’t enjoy hearing bad things about their  motherland.
  • Local females dance all the time and party even on minor holidays, so your wiliness  to dance with her is a big plus for your romance.
  • They can’t afford some luxuries and your desire to pay for your beloved will help to win her heart.
  • These ladies believe in fairy tales and want to see a prince beside them.

Why do Colombian brides search for love overseas

They want to get more freedom

The attitude towards females in Colombia is paternal. Local guys are often very proud to protect their spouses, mothers, and sisters. Men have more freedom to socialize outside and often have two reputations – one in the home (la casa) and one on the street (la calle). If a female socializes a lot, she may be neglected. Only girls from the upper classes have more independence to choose their activity outside  the family. This factor pushes local females to find a husband overseas, who’ll present her more freedom.

colombian mail order brides

Colombian brides want to get away from  cultural pressure

Local women face big cultural pressure about marriage and childbirth. Colombia has very high rates of young marriages. According to UNICEF, 23% of ladies become spouses before they turn 18 (UNICEF, 2016). The impacts of political and social conflicts, poverty, and a lack of sexual education lead to a prevalence of early pregnancy. Thus, Colombian singles try to find a compatible partner from Western countries and get rid of social pressure.

4 Tips for successful dates with Colombian women

Use these devices to establish a friendly and harmonious atmosphere in your relationships with your foreign girlfriend.

1. The “three-day rule”

Dating in her country is very similar to the three-date rule that you have in America. It means that you need to go out a minimum of two to three days before  proceeding to  intimacy.

2. Don’t ask about violence in Colombia

Local ladies are generally open to discussing the subject, but they can find it tiring or even annoying when foreigners seek a broad explanation. It’s an incredibly complex conflict that’s hard to summarize for people with little background knowledge.

3. Don’t interrupt her

Colombian girls for marriage are good listeners. Show your beloved the same respect when she talks  and avoid interrupting.

4. Avoid index finger Pointing

Local females consider rude and aggressive to point  the index finger. People may gesture towards something by pursing their lips (as if to kiss) in the direction of the person. Don’t forget about this thing while dating in person.

Colombian ladies can be excellent wives and you should value their time and energy. Use the information from this article to find a common language with your future bride. Start your search now to get the best one. Colombian mail order brides are waiting for their reliable and courageous men, so why not check, isn’t this you?